Photo Mission (Aug 28, 2020)

After taking the E Line for the first time to Downtown Santa Monica I caught a bus out to Malibu.

I always love it when the train goes dark from gliding through a tunnel.

While in transit the electric voice making safety announcements and other reminders throughout the ride stated at the end of the line I could catch a bus to Malibu. My interest in that was strong but I wanted to explore around a bit first.

I had to wait for this crane to move in order to capture this exposure. It’s one of those exact moment kind of photographs I’m humbled to have.

This abstract face on a tree was kickin’ it with me at the Metro post while I listened to some Greek jams waiting for the lift to Mali.

Now that I’ve been acquainted with where the stops are I’ll be planning another early trip to see more and find a place to dine in!

We have many other rails to explore from here. Thank you for running around with me and eyeing the work. Find y’all soon.



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