Immortality 0.1

You don’t HAVE to die and leave your social media when there is this mind-blowing shit!

Think of this foo, “you’re dead, literally deceased, but what if an AI program can simulate you beyond the grave and post pics, send birthday messages to close friends and leave commentary on the things your carnal self would’ve been concerned with or interested in?”

Enter ‘The Forever Social” launched out of Sweden in 2008. The company has been recognized by major AI organizations with their ‘master piece of AI engineering’ known as “The Forever Engine”

The above is an actual screenshot from their website and below are some tiles found on Instagram

The caption in the last box reads “God is dead, but long live you” which actually trips me out because its a total illusion I’m not sure anyone can believe if they’re sane. A birthday message from a dead person wouldn’t make me feel comforted, it would make me feel worse cause I can’t say “eh, lets kick it” or start a conversation.

Buying a mold of my dick and fucking yourself is interacting more with the “real me” than a bot.

The way they’re selling it too is really disgusting. It’s not even that they actually said “God’s got competition’ its “Heaven 2.0” that angers me

You want me to believe paradise is letting an AI “learn my personality’ to run my socials? Nah.



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Michael Butorovich

Michael Butorovich

Writer - Photographer - Stoner - BTTTTR