Graff of the Day: Carpe Diem (Seize the day; Enjoy the present; As opposed to placing all hope in the future)

Happy New Year my people. I’m very grateful to have a couple readers following this saga into the next 12 months, it’s gonna be fun.

This word CARPE DIEM provided by is Latin for “seize the day; enjoy the present; as opposed to placing all hope in the future”

I learned from working in a kitchen that the only thing you can rely on is everything going to shit and only your intuition will help you.

When you stay true to self it helps the only skin you have stay warm.

As a writer I’m well familiar with being alone and finding the world to compose esoteric journalism, if you will. Jim Morrison gave me a vision to mix poetry and the living journey together; Kerouac said it can be done; Hunter demonstrated how; Chinaski was the best living example; Plath and Sexton are the best written.

Music, photography, pornography,graffiti and many more things all play their way in, somewhere.

The only way to get it is to do it to it, baby. Move with the trip.

Thanks for reading — Much Love