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My only aim is to live well enough to write about it and write well enough to live on it

Thank you for taking the time to know me a bit better. I’m Michael Butorovich, commonly referred to as Mike, Shortstop, or Short.

My influences are Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, dirty ole Hank Chinaski, Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. …

Brief personal ass shit I’m surprised you’d read

The bus had finally gotten off Highway 10 and into Phoenix when this track I have on my Spotify playlist titled Περασεις (Peraseis, which means travel in Greek) began. Every time I hear it I’m right back on the Greyhound rolling in at four in the morning after a near 24 hour adventure, ready for a new life and way.

While things didn’t quite work out I definitely found an atmosphere I was looking for and really started growing more into myself.

It is also true, as the title states, that…

Because a post by Hogan Torah reminded me of her

I read some shit about writing being a losers game. The author questioned as to whether he should stay in pursuit of composing finely worked articles for peanuts or compiling more grievance prose on how he’s only getting peanuts. It made me think of the dopest graffiti getting buffed out. I’m talking the sickest letter pattern and color swatch you’ve ever seen pasted over with a roller moistened by solid Behr. As illegal as it may be that piece was still executed with SKILL, for FREE, at the…

The saga thus far with music

It began after reading this

As an amateur model on Pornhub this hit me. For those expecting good pay selling that ass online you better be hot enough to melt steel or know how to give your clients what they want. Then save your money, those cheeks (checks as well) may not last forever.

I didn’t enter this “playpen of the damned” as the late legendary pornstar William Margold would coin the adult industry, with money in mind. In one way it was for liberation in another its about expression and achieving notoriety…


Gonzo to the max

Laundry is spinning. I need cigarettes, a shower and this phone to be charged.

I’ll be at work in the next two hours which gives me a window to start up my Gonzo pages.

True Gonzo as Dr.Hunter S. Thompson would see is written moment by moment, no editing. I’d pull out the exact quote from ‘The Great Shark Hunt’ but I have other things to handle.. I also need to not be revising a damn thing…..

I was outside having a cigarette when it hit me, that if this is going to be some…

Graff of the day: WHITHERSOEVER (Conjunction: To wherever place)

I would use this in a sentence as:

“After taking inventory James was most sure he had enough supplies to last whithersoever he goes”

I woke up late. Last night I returned home from shift and spoke to the little homie for about an hour. I’d tell him I need to be more free in terms of just laying down whatever feels right.

I’m planting my poetry on VOCAL. It looks like a good place to keep that side of my writing. I’ll also house more of my photo work there and keep this as a journal of sorts.

Let me skip off and handle this 9th of January under Saturn. Much love.

Graff of the Day: BEL-ESPRIT (Noun: A person of great wit or intellect)

My sentence goes:

“He was most excited about having the chance to smoke good trees with other bel-esprit people at the kick-back”

I’m bumping my morning playlist

CeCe Peniston is the shit!!!!

We were on a post-mate mission in Phoenix somewhere around the business district and this flew on the radio. The DJ had been spinning some other dope ass tunes I was reminded to lock down in my Spotify.

I started up at the pizza joint yesterday and it was cool. Everyone is trained to…

Michael Butorovich

“It’s such a wonderful experience here with the Indian” All photographs and prose by author unless other credits are noted

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