A Poem

Image: Slowly App

Let’s go to the market and

Laugh at the flowers, then

We can look at all the cereal.

We’ll grab a basket for our

Cinnarolls and Baguettes.

Tour the isles just to

See what there is.

How can we forget to find

Ingredients to make

Our Tiera Misu?

I don’t want to be at the

Store with anyone else but

You my little moo, with

People there saying

“Look at those silly two!

Dancing in the dairy section

Singing some tune”

This might be a poem

But we know it’s true.

We’ll have lots of fun

Squeezing tomatoes that

Go with our pesto.

Let’s go to the market

Where our own world

Exists at last.

We can get so much joy

Out of such a simple task.

~Dedicated to Alessandra~



I woke up around 45 minutes ago (it’s now 7:19AM) maybe earlier, I’m not sure, anyhow, I don’t know who needs to see this but here’s a video Enigma did for that one song with the Indian that goes “Ay-yay-hai-ooooai-ya-ya”

Good Morning — Have a nice day — May the fourth be with you — Go hard or Go Home — How about some more coffee??